Reproduction Shepherds Huts made by Phil Williams

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Made to order, these huts make excellent 'garden rooms' and spare accommodation

Extremely cute and great fun!

"A good place to practise your bagpipes" - S.Deere-Jones


Advantages! - No planning permission required

Very Cosy - fully insulated, Floor, Walls & Roof

Mobile - may be moved by a car with a towbar, or by 2 fit adults on the flat!

Traditional design - makes a wonderful get-away place!

Size is approx 6ft 6" x 9ft allowing a bed to go across-ways


The chassis is metal and includes a steerable front axle with draw-bar and the wheels are 5" across reducing sinkage!

The wheels are made from cast-iron to an original pattern, and the huts can be fitted out either as a bedroom or an office.


The standard items are :- Tongue & Groove interior with 1 window and stained/varnished pine floor.

Exterior is plastic-coated corrugated iron. Roof is galvanised corrugated iron painted black.

Insulated all round with 100mm Rockwool. Timber Steps.

Basic price is 7500 inc VAT delivered at cost by arrangement.

Optional Extras include the following:

Single bed (3ft) or Bunk Beds or office bench

Wood-burning stove and chimney (Narrow-boat style stove)

Electric light and twin socket (Caravan style connection)

Extra Window(s)


Interior Tongue & Groove can be painted, waxed, or left natural.

Insulation can be 'Thermafleece' Sheepswool!

Exterior Corrugated iron is plastic coated for durability available in a variety of colours, Blue

Mushroom, Brown, Grey and 4 different greens.


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