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30Amp Motor Drive

Mains Signalling

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'A Real Alternative to Radio' - MERLIN Modules

Signalling via the mains wiring is more effective, simpler and reliable than UHF Radio

using the original designs by Peter Jones.


Download a pdf of the full Merlin story (1.4MB)





Quantum leap in Infra-Red Remote Controls

DC Drives is the most respected name in Stairlift Electronics, having designed from scratch, Stannahs first series of Battery Stairlifts, and the Bison Bede ‘Contour’ Automatic Levelling Stairlift as well as the excellent Induction Loop Remote Control.


We have now re-invented Infra-Red remote controls and overcome the range limitations of line-of-sight, so that a standard hand-held sender works over 1/2 a mile in open space!!

(Featured in Electronics Weekly)

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This means that an infra red remote control will work comfortably over several stories in a building and is entirely reliable over curved rail installations with no irritating drop-outs, and without going to the trouble of multiple receive points or reflectors or repeaters.

It is also universally acceptable so there are no Radio Frequency issues between countries.

We can also provide Hinge rail interlocks and Hinge-rail UP/DOWN Commands.

The result is simplification. One system for all lifts, straight, Curved and Complex, fit and forget.

Left Transmit Module, Right Receiver Module

DC Drives has made Infra-Red far better than Radio for controlling Stairlifts.

And this is one industry we know very well indeed!


Call Phil Williams on 01288 341308 or email dcdrives@trehawsa.com

Download this as a pdf here

We also have invented a unique security device known as Xtra-sense

which may be found here:- www.xtra-sense.co.uk


Merlin Modules - Mains Equivalent Radio Link

These modules allow signalling via the mains wiring OR very long range Infra-red signalling.

Ranges in excess of 1/2 a mile using a standard TV remote-control are achievable in daylight !

and full coverage of a 3-phase large building via mains wiring.


Download a pdf brochure here (page1 82k)

and here (page2 34k)








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