DC Drives 30 Amps Motor Controller


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12v 30Amp DC Motor Control Drive and Battery Charger

Key Features:-30A (360 Watt) Capacity

Over-current trip ‘weight limit’ setting

Fail-Safe operation

Brake Control

Battery Charger

Soft Start & ‘nudge’Adjustable Speed

Battery Meter

Designed for use in the lifting and handling industry; in particular a fork-lift handcart for manoeuvring pallets in a warehouse.

It has Soft Start and ‘slow nudge’ features.

The current limit provides a means to prevent the rig being over-laden – a significant safety feature.

The board has all safety limit features required plus built in circuitry to prevent damage due to misuse such as reverse battery polarity. A built in battery charger maintains the 12v battery at its optimum operating condition. All features have been thoroughly life tested under full load conditions.

The only external components required are:-

12v motor gearbox

Brake (optional)

Charger Transformer

12v Battery & Fuse

Switches, Up/Down, Limits and Estop.

DC Drives can easily alter the specification to suit your requirements. Other applications include, Stairlifts, Wheelchair drive, lorry tailgate lift, powered cranes.


Please contact Phil Williams & Peter Jones

DC Drives Ltd (01288) 341308

0776 209 3443

Designers of the Stannah Stairlifts DC Stairlift

DC Drives other area of expertise is in signalling via mains wiring.

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